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We are a small family business specialising in IT and Automated Testing Platforms to both small and large organisations that are wanting to identify and resolve issues and problems with your products or implementations in order to achieve your goals or targets. We have a good track record and are recognised in the industry for solving IT & Automated testing problems.

We are more than capable of writing Test Scope, Methodology and Environment build, following on to Test case and Automation, and if required we can provide a turn-key service, including running the tests and issuing you the reports

Marlow Enterprises has the capability to test networks and system stacks for code coverage in functional and non- functional arena's, specialising in Test Automation: which is the only way to test complex software builds and the integration between networks, systems and applications.

Our non-functional testing covers Reliability, Failure, Security and Penetration testing, from freeware to the Rolls Royce of tester from Spirent.

Adrian Marlow is the driving force behind Marlow Enterprises. He has been working in Networking since the late 80's working his way up from installation, operations, support and design. With some major achievements under his belt, he has worked for some of the UK's major organisations (on numerous occasions) including: The Ministry of Defence , British Telecom, KPN, National Power, Alcatel and Orange as well as some less well known companies like MBS and Touchstone.

Testing properly can pay dividends, not only in finding issues before you customer has a problem, but automating the testing for provide lower overall cost and for a greater period. Automation can also reduce the skills requirement for some of your testing, leaving your experts to concentrate on the problem areas. With a automated solution you can run your testing 24 hours per day 7 days per week - you are not limited to the 9-5 standard working day.

Have a look at some of our Achievements, you never know, we may already have a solution for you.


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Adrian Marlow, Director of Marlow Enterprises was presented with the 'Test Automation Hero' award at the prestigious Ceremony held on 22 September 2011 at The Churchill War Rooms in Whitehall, London.

The awards aimed to reward individuals who have made an outstanding effort in understanding and implementing delivery of first class network performance, to acknowledge the true value of an individual's network expertise, and to applaud those individuals whose significant contribution in perfecting their company's network performance has contributed to the company's overall business success. .The winners were judged by an independent panel of experts from the British Computer Society - Informa Research Service - IDC - National Computing Centre.

Details of the press release can be found using the following links: Spirent Communications - Business Wire